Tuesday, November 14, 2017
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Zuckerman Museum of Art ZM 003 East Gallery 1
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Katy Malone
(470) 578-3223
Museums, Archives and Rare Books

Medium considers how intangible vestiges of the past haunt our contemporary world. This idea of a persistent and disruptive presence that can consciously or unconsciously impact how we think and act is ghost-like in its (dis)embodiment. Ghosts, often portrayed in literature and films as restless spirits with an agenda, communicate through sensitive souls and individuals who purport to speak to the dead—mediums. This exhibition is advanced as a kind of séance with the artists and archival material serving as bridges to an uneasy past, mystical force or liminal space. Occasionally requiring a leap of faith, the emphasis is on exploration of the unknown and the power of the mind.

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Image: Lacey Pripc' Hedtke. From the Ectoplasm Selfies Series, 2016-2017. Courtesy of the artist.


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