Paper Moon Exhibit

Thursday, November 22, 2012
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
KSU Clayton Gallery
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Paper Moon, curated by the Zuckerman Museum of Art, is on view at the KSU Clayton Gallery until December 6th. For additional information on the exhibit, please visit or call 770-499-3223.

This Exhibition focuses on work that, in one way or another, serves as a substitute for the real thing.  The show examines how these substitutes are intended to function, the nature of their appeal, and what role authenticity and our ability to “make believe” play in the proffered illusion.  Teresa Bramlette Reeves, curator

Artists: Paige Adair, Eleanor Antin, “Brooklyn is Watching,” John Clang, Ferdinand Cooper, Matt Haffner, Mark Hogancamp, Beth Lilly, Rebecca Makus, Adam Parker Smith, Joe Peragine, Ryan Petty, Marc Steinmetz, Jay Van Buren, and James VanDerZee


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