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Speaker: Dr. Morgan Stefik, University of South Carolina
Title: “Persistent Micelle Templates for Single-Variable Series of Porous Nanomaterials”

Abstract: Block polymer structure‐directing agents (SDA) enable the production of porous nanoscale materials by controlling the arrangement of material precursors. The subsequent removal of the polymer thus yields porous nanomaterials that are useful for a wide range of applications including energy storage and catalysis. The iteration of most such strategies however lead to complex sequences of nanomaterials that change multiple spatial variables at a time, including morphology, pore size, and wall thickness due to equilibration. In contrast, persistent micelle templates (PMT) are based upon the kinetic entrapment of polymer chains to enable sample adjustments with constant morphology (isomorphic) and constant pore size. Such series of nanomaterials with a single spatial variable are well poised to clarify cause-and-effect for nanoscale phenomena. The PMT approach has enabled wide spanning feature sizes over two orders of magnitude with 2 Å precision adjustments between samples. The PMT method is simple to validate with diffraction models and is feasible in any laboratory with minimal equipment. Finally, recent energy device research enabled by PMT are noted where tailored nanomaterials provided a unique perspective to unravel complex battery behaviors.


The Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Seminar Series covers a broad range of fields in the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences. In past seminars, scientists from Academia, Government, and Industry have presented their most recent discoveries and contributions in their respective areas. This Seminar Series offers students and faculty the opportunity to interact directly with other leaders in their specializations and to gain a good overview of the entire range of fields in Chemistry and Biochemistry.


This seminar will take place in person.

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