553 Technology Pkwy SE Marietta, Ga 30060

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Note- Make sure you are touring the campus of your major by checking this link: Campus By Major.

Your tour of the Marietta Campus includes a 30-minute information session that covers topics ranging from campus majors and programs, admission requirements, and financial aid information. The information session will be followed by a 60-minute walking tour of the Marietta Campus.

Kennesaw State University's Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Department (RME) offers a Mechatronics Engineering degree. This department is known for its work in different areas of robotics: 

Soft Robots: They design flexible robots that are becoming popular for use in healthcare, wearables, and advanced artificial limbs.  Wheeled Robots: They work on robots that move on wheels.  Flying Robots (UAVs): They train students to make and control drones, which can be used for things like checking the environment or helping in emergencies.  Factory Robots: Students learn to create robots used in making cars, planes, and electronic items.  Medical Robots: They research robots that can help in medical tasks like surgeries, helping patients recover, or creating artificial limbs. 

If you want a career in any of these cool robot areas, Kennesaw's RME Department is a great place to study. 

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