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Speaker: Adam Gregory, University of Florida

Title: “Lenart’s Bijection via Bumpless Pipe Dreams”

Abstract: Pipe dreams and bumpless pipe dreams for vexillary permutations are each known to be in bijection with certain semi-standard tableaux via maps due, respectively, to Lenart and Weigandt. Recently, Gao and Huang have defined a bijection between the former two sets. In this talk we will show that the Gao-Huang bijection preserves the associated tableaux for vexillary permutations, giving a new proof of Lenart’s result. This is joint work with Zachary Hamaker.


The Discrete Math Seminar (DMS) is intended for Kennesaw State faculty working in the various areas of algebra, number theory, and discrete mathematics to get together to discuss their current work or related questions. Seminars often involve advanced mathematical knowledge. However, the seminars are open to anyone who is interested in attending.


In Fall 2022, all talks will be scheduled from 2:30 – 3:20 pm and will be held in D-117 of the Mathematics Building (Marietta campus). 

  • Ada Clark
  • Acaicia Anderson
  • Ai'jonea Vaughn

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