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Speaker: Maria Luisa Müller Theissen, PhD Student @ University of Georgia
Title: “Cross-species infection in milkweed butterflies: host resistance, tolerance, and immune defense to protozoan parasites”
Abstract: In this talk, María describes results from her experiments aimed at understanding how two species of butterflies—the monarch butterfly and queen butterfly—differ in their susceptibility and response to poorly studied protozoan parasites. It's a great introduction to how disease ecologists think about these complex systems!


The Ecology, Evolution, Behavior, & Organismal Biology (EEBOB) seminar series focuses on biological topics at whole-organism and higher scales of organization. Guest speakers include KSU faculty, graduate students, and guests from other universities.


The Fall 2023 seminar series will be held virtually. Seminars will be pre-recorded and available for on-demand viewing by the beginning of each week. If you are interested in watching one of the seminars, please visit the join stream button below or visit this link.

  • Mariah Williams
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