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Kennesaw State University will host a hybrid Hackathon for Social Good from February 23-25. 

The College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) Hackathon for Social Good is one of our college's signature events in providing students with an opportunity to use Technology for Social Good. Through dedicated "threads" (aka themes) and speaker events within the event, companies can raise awareness to areas where we can impact social good, increase brand awareness, and locate the top talent for the computing workforce. Students can hone their skills, apply the knowledge they gain inside the classroom in authentic, real-world problems, and connect with internship and job opportunities.

Come together with friends and other students, meet new people, strengthen your design and development skills, and connect with companies eager to identify talent and see what you can make… all within one week. This hackathon will strengthen your resume, let you apply what you are doing in the classroom into real-world scenarios, and let you connect with employers for possible internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities.

The CCSE Hackathon is open to all undergraduate and graduate Kennesaw State University students. To encourage collaboration and emphasize how technology is part of everything we do, we require that each team has at least one CCSE student as a member.

Each industry sponsor will present one challenge in either the technology area or business/marketing area related to their Corporate Social Responsibility or area of Social Good they wish to target. In each of these challenges, students will be chosen to form teams of 3 (and strictly no more than 3) to solve these challenges and present their solutions to industry sponsors. Many different skillsets on every team are desired for the best results for our industry leaders.

Challenge Sponsor: Lexis Nexis/HPCC Systems -and- MagMutual 
Challenge Focus Area: Social Good Project

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