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The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the role of misinformation in fostering and escalating conflict and to train participants to recognize misinformation and neutralize its impact.


Learning Objectives:

1) Identify the different types of misinformation found in various forms of media with a focus on  social media.

2) Discuss some of the ways misinformation on social media has created or escalated  intergroup    conflicts.

3) Explain common aspects of misinformation and be able to accurately spot the  misinformation.

The focus of this workshop is identifying the prevalence and types of misinformation in the  media and social media and its impact on intergroup conflict with a focus on  political conflict and prejudice toward minority groups in the United States. The team will train workshop      attendees in identifying misinformation and techniques to counteract misinformation to  de-escalate conflict situations.




  • Tobhiyah Emiohe
  • Kenzie Duncan

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