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Speaker: Dr. Hwi Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: “A second order accurate finite difference method on uniform rectangular grids for Maxwell's equations around curved PEC”

Abstract:  In this talk, we present a finite difference method to simulate the scattering of electromagnetic waves around two dimensional curved perfect electric conductors (PECs). Similar to the earlier work by Zou and Liu (J. Computational Physics 463 (2022): 111273), our method relies on the back and forth error compensation and correction method (J. of Computational Physics, 190(1), 311-324 ) once locally second order accurate ghost points are constructed via a level set framework. The level set-based construction offers the convenience of circumventing case-by-case extrapolations of suitable ghost values subject to geometry of the PEC boundaries. As opposed to their locally perturbed rectangular grids, our method is based on uniform rectangular grids which are trivial to generate, but completely non-conformal with the PEC boundaries. To make our method work, we introduce the idea of guest values which are approximated boundary values deliberately misplaced at nearby grid points. This is joint work with Yingjie Liu.


The Analysis and Applied Mathematics (AAM) Seminar is intended for Kennesaw State faculty working in the various areas of analysis and applied mathematics to get together to discuss their current work or related questions. Seminars often involve advanced mathematical knowledge. However, the seminars are open to anyone who is interested in attending.


This seminar will be held virtually. 

Passcode: AAMf22

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